Chances of getting an autoimmune disease like RA, SLE etc is 1 in 11 in the female population. This is much more than the chances of getting a DDA (Delhi Development authority) apartment in the Indian Govt. housing scheme ie, 1 in 47 which was 1 in 140 last year. So I advice all my readers and followers who want to remain ambulant throughout their life to:

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

2. Maintain a balance between your physical, social and psychological life.

3. Get at least 15-20 min. sun exposure in a day.

4. Walk 4-5 km daily.

5. Maintain optimum weight.

6. Do away with stress at the earliest.

7. DO NOT smoke.

8. Clean habits help avoiding autoimmunity triggered by infections.

9. Ensure good cross ventilation at your homes.

10. Eat healthy food and a balance diet will help.