Being a Rheumatologist, I try and make all the efforts to make the consulting experience as pleasant as possible for my patients because the truth of the matter is that no one ever looks forward to an appointment with the doctor J I make sure that my patients leave in a better frame of mind than they came in and always take great care that I do not increase their sufferings with my actions, words or behaviour.

During my career, I’ve experienced that people who come to me are simple suffering souls. They come to me to find a solution to their problem because they are troubled by it. A lot of us, in the medical profession tend to send them back saying that their suffering is all in their minds, if we are unable to find a problem or diagnose a disease. This, in my mind is a wrong approach. Most times than not, the patient is really suffering and it’s just that we are not able to see it at that time because of our personal inefficiencies or scientific inadequacies. It is an absolute disrespect to the individual if we tell them that they are fine and imagining the symptoms! We, as a community of medical practitioners, have to realize that the patient knows his/her body the best, better than us. What might be normal in most cases, might be an exception in the present one. The earlier you accept that 2+2 is not always 4, the better it will be for you. The need of the hour is to see beyond the obvious and realize that the scientific knowledge we have is not complete. Science keeps evolving and reinventing itself every day. It’s very important to place yourself in your patient’s shoes when trying to find solution to the patient’s problem. Sit with them and take time to get to the root of the problem rather than just eliminating all possibilities. A lot of us have made these mistakes, it’s time for the younger generation to learn from them.

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