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A sure way to destroy the joints is to follow the advice of someone who says “So, your son has joint pains, try this and do that, but never take modern  medicine, it’s got so many side effects (in effect, you will let arthritis destroy your joints before you even consult a modern specialty Doctor who can help you).

99 % people are not aware about a new breed of specialists – ‘The Rheumatologist’ who is a joint arthritis specialist like the cardiologist is a specialist in treating heart diseases.

Every relative and friend is a medical advisor in India and often you have to hear them out, sometimes out of repect, but should you follow these advices given by each of them, you’re surely heading to doomsday. In case of of a heart disease, you do not listen to anyone and go only to a modern doctor specifically trained in heart diseases- ‘acardiologist’ to save your heart. Then, why should you not go to a doctor trained specifically in joint pain/arthritis- “aRheumatologist” to save your joints? Do you think joints play a less important role in your life than your heart. 10 yrs ago, deformity and destruction were fore drawn conclusions for  joints affected by arthritis, prevalent therapies in all the disciplines of medicines were just pain relieving.

New medicines of rheumatology have changed the scenario completely. Joints do not get deformed anymore due to arthritis. It is now upto you to decide the outcome for your joints. Side effects are much more serious in the case of uncontrolled arthritis than being on modern day medications. Under the supervision of a rheumatologist, there are hardly any side effects. Anything taken unsupervised even “Lawki & Kaddu” can kill you. Time and money spent on unproven therapies will never come back. Damage done to the joints during the trial of unscientific therapies will never be reversed. It is time to be aware, so be wise, do not get fooled into following ‘nuskhas’.

Live life, pain free.