Gout is an acutely painful and disabling form of arthritis  recognized since ancient times. It presents itself as episodes of painful swelling in single joints, most often the big toe. Although, the available treatments can prevent the arthritis associated with gout, managing this disease can be difficult at times.

In a study, 16 healthy male volunteers were observed for the effects of drinking soy milk and three different types of skimmed milk, produced at different times of the milking season from grass-fed cows and it was found that

  1. The soy milk increased the serum uric acid in the subjects’ body by about 10 percent.
  2. All skimmed milks led to a decrease in serum uric acid by approximately 10 percent.
  3. Late season skimmed milk led to a greater increase in the removal of uric acid by the kidneys as compared to the other skimmed milks.
  4. Skimmed milk has a specific uric acid-lowering effect, and it might be a good dietary way to assist in the prevention and treatment of gout.

“This study has shown that skimmed milk can significantly reduce the serum uric acid concentration in the short term,” explains Nicola Dalbeth, MD, FRACP; senior lecturer, clinical medicine, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, and lead investigator in the study. “The results suggest that increasing the amount of skimmed milk in the diet may help in preventing the development of gout, and also assist with treatment of those already suffering from this disease. This research is being continued by studying the long term effects of milk in people with gout.”