Something for you to ponder upon about Arthritis Treatments…

Today I was reading an article on awareness about Organ Donation. With this a thought came to mind which I am sharing with you, share with others if you like. People very often, reach out late to a Rheumatologist after they start developing deformities in joints due the continued damage inflicted by Arthritis. During my practice in most cases, patients reach late because of two reasons.

  1. 99% of the people, including educated elites, have never heard of a ” Rheumatologist”, although almost everyone has had already consulted many Surgeons “Orthopaedic Surgeons” whose training basically is how to do the surgeries on joints and also Homeopathic doctors, ayurveda acharyas and Babas too for their arthritis treatments.
  2. Due to the fear of side effects of modern medicines, which also is hammered in their innocent minds by Alternative Medicine doctors , and hence they prefer to experiment with so called therapies with no side effects. At this point let me tell you, whatever you put in your system, may have side effects, including wheat, milk. But the big Q assuming that they are without any side effects is, “Will they work against your arthritis, will these therapies keep your joints without further damage?” Sadly, there is no proof of that. Precious time is lost along with your precious money and your happiness. Modern medicines taken supervised will not have any side effect in most of the cases but they will effectively save your joints from arthritis. So make a wise decision and in time; before a wrong decision proves to be damaging to your joints, a source of a happy and pain free life. Be an informed consumer and look for a Rheumatologist when searching for a geuine joint pain medical provider. Rest assured, nobody will tell you that he does not know anything about actual arthritis treatments.