What is the cost of your joints? I think they are priceless as you won’t want to lose your joints or get crippled even if someone offers you a million dollars. But in real world, if unfortunately Arthritis attacks your joints, out of ignorance you tend to depend upon the advice given by everyone around you and go to anyone recommended by your well wishers, seeking pain relief. Thereby, losing precious time remaining completely unaware, all this while of the fact that arthritis keeps growing and eroding your joints.

By the time your realise that, your joints have already started deforming one by one. Perhaps, it is too late by then as the damage done is difficult to reverse.

Do you know that if your joints get persistent swollen, joints start getting eroded and finally get deformed. Therefore, make no mistake in selecting an effective arthritis controller from early on. Time will not excuse you for the wrong decisions which may in all likelihood, give you a life full of pain with dead or deformed joints. So here comes this million dollar question – Once you get arthritis, which doctor should you consult?

The answer is actually quite simple – A MD doctor who is exclusively trained and experienced to diagnose and control more than 100 types of arthritis. Only such a doctor can save your joints from the devastating effects of arthritis. He will not let your joints twist if you report to him in time. He is none other than a Rheumatologist. More than 95% of the Indian population are not aware of this speciality and reach him late.

Also make no mistake in recognising him amongst the various types of doctors (Tom, Dick and Harry) you might go mistakenly in search of pain relief. You may get some pain relief but arthritis will keep growing if not effectively halted and controlled in early stages. Remember whomsoever you go to, he will start treating you claiming that over time, Arthritis will be cured. Over years, everyone might have made a lot of money at the expense of your joint health.

If you keep asking others for guidance and don’t use your own IQ, you are likely to try these Tom, Dick and Harrys who are practicing the therapies of an old era when there was no method of Arthritis control and when all patients will serious kind of arthritis like Rheumatoid Arthritis use to invariably lose their joints. Also don’t think that anyone is going to guide you, you have you be well informed yourself, in today’s world. You are responsible for all your decisions wrong or right. Your arthritis doctor has to be a MD Rheumatologist, not a joint/ orthopaedic surgeon. Remember that an arthritis doctor’s job is to save joints from arthritis, not to replace them. To replace hopelessly deformed joints is a job of a MS orthopaedic surgeon as they are trained for this purpose.

So, do you get your answer to the million dollar question? Doctor for Arthritis = Rheumatologist = safe joints.

Ignore this free, million dollar advice at the risk of your joints’ health. The aim of this blog is inform you in advance before you undertake any journey so that you be responsible for your decisions and do not repent later.

NOTE: I have not touched the alternative medical therapies for arthritis control as there are none, there were none, they might provide some pain relief, definitely they do not control arthritis, rather allow arthritis become a sapling to a full grown tree, becoming more difficult to control as tree grows, Decide yourself, what is best for you, do not repent, do not blame, take the right decision now, as damage already done will never be reversed. Wish all of you, a happy and jumping pain free joints forever.

The above facts are exemplified in the following patient testimonials:

  1. When patient reported to a Rheumatologist within few weeks of getting Rheumatoid Arthritis, he got cured with no joint damage.


2. The testimonial below exemplifies the suffering of the patients for years without arthritis control. Over time, joints get deformed. At this stage, although, damage cannot be undone, life of the patients can be made painless and further damage can be halted under Rheumatology care.


Always remember, with modern scientific Rheumatology care rendered by a trained Rheumatologist, arthritis can be controlled, can even be reversed, joints can be saved if early action is taken (within weeks of getting joints swelling).